Top 10 Amazing Hip Flask Designs for Men

By | June 27, 2017

Hip flasks for men have gone through a major makeover with a lot of cool, innovative designs available on Amazon etc. The best brands such as Novelty, Stanley, Vapur and John Lewis have built on the traditional steel and leather hip flask to introduce some amazing hip flask designs. In addition to style, they offer strong features such as BPA-free material, leak proofing and durability.

If carrying alcohol conveniently is high on your priorities, then hip flasks serve a very utilitarian purpose. So if you intend on having a little “pick me up” every now and then, try considering these options. Carrying alcohol has never looked more stylish and elegant with one of these flasks.

So without further ado here are the top innovative designs in hip flasks available currently.

Vapur Icognito Best Hip Flask Designs

Vapur Icognito Flexible flask

The first design on the list is called the Icognito Flexible from Vapur. It is a highly flexible and durable design which is BPA-free polyethylene and nylon. It is a look that moves away completely from all the traditional designs.

Nalgene Best Hip Flask Designs

Nalgene flask

A sleek and slender design that is leak proof and comes with a 12 oz cap. The top cap is meant to double up as a shot glass, so you have the perfect measure for your drink instead of random gulps.

Stanley Best Hip Flask Designs

Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask

For the eternally environmentally conscious man, Stanley has introduced the eCycle flask in a trendy design. This flask is made of 100% recycled materials. It comes in really great colors such as the army green above.

Snow Peak Best Hip Flask Designs

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask

This is featured in this list for the absolutely stunning and smooth curved body of flask. It is made of titanium which is known for its properties of being light and strong. Be wary though, this is a hip flask that begs and deserves attention, so definitely not meant for occasions you want to be discreet.

Sir Jacks Best Hip Flask Designs

Sir Jack’s Sterling Silver 7 oz. Hip Flask

A flask worthy of the true gentleman. Sir Jack’s hip flask is the ultimate masterpiece to own for those who want to escort their liquor in style. It is truly a timeless product because its entirely hand-made with the precision of hand crafting wristwatches. The fat that it is forged from prime Sterling Silver simply adds to its perfection.

Stone Cask Best Hip Flask Designs

Stone Cask The Original Shot Flask

If a hip flask that combines robust features with a neat design is what you’re looking for, then this hip flask by Stone Cask is your answer. It comes with a collapsible shot glass which is built into the frame, offers superior grip for drinks and a hanging cap so you won’t  ever misplace it. All these features integrated into an elegant design and comes at an affordable price!

Mini Keychain Flask Design


Mini key chain flask

Definitely not as big as the other flasks featured in this post, but scores high on discreetness and compactness. It comes with a key holder that you can attach to your belt or dangle on to your key chain. Featured in this list for the innovation in hip flask design.

evrgrn Last Call Flask – 8 fl. oz.

A classic red and white Marlboro color combination for your portable liquor needs. It can contain about 8 oz. of liquor which is a fair volume for a hip flask. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a nifty hanging cap that you don’t need to worry about stowing away while you enjoy the buzz.

Odeme Red Innovative Hip Flask Design

Odeme red flask

Instantly get hooked to this bold, vivaciously red colored hip flask. It calls in a lot of attention but that’s what good design does. If innovate shapes are something that interest you then the attractive, oval-shaped design is truly unique for this hip flask by Odeme.

Video Game Cartridge Flask Design

Drunk Hunt Video Game Cartridge Flask

Even among men there are different types. So we won’t be fully fair until we have something for the geeks among us who enjoy their liquor. Our final inclusion to this list of most innovative hip flask design has to go to the Drunk Hunt Video Game Cartridge flask. It is designed so well that it barely looks like a hip flask and is guaranteed to take you back to your days of thumbing Contra and Super Mario.