Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for Men

By | July 10, 2017

A useful post to every man who is looking to install the best productivity apps available for boosting efficiency. These are free and popular apps which can be used across platforms such as iPhone, Android or Windows/Mac. Without realizing, we have become highly dependent on our smartphone for everything we do – and with good reason. It is kind of a paradox that the smartphone apps like Facebook, Instagram are actually one of our biggest drains on time, however, the other spectrum of apps is made to instill discipline in you. These apps help you be more organized and avoid wasting time when you should be working.

Top Productivity Apps

Best Productivity Apps

So how can an app help boost your productivity? You will be surprised how effective they can be. Now archive long articles to your to-read list, be even more efficient with your to-do list, fight your addiction to endless scrolling of social media and be great at remembering your every-day tasks! If these advantages sound good to you, then read on.


This app is a favorite of those who love reading long editorials online. Reading is a good habit, but sometimes you have to miss some good online articles or news just because you are busy at that very moment and couldn’t take out the time required time for it. But with Pocket app, you need not make this sacrifice with your interest.

  • This app is a version of Read It Later service. It is one of the finest offline reading tools.
  • One can not only save the content only the browser, but also from Feedly, Facebook, Pulse, Twitter, Zite, etc.
  • Even, pictures, videos, news pages and links can also be pocketed here.
  • This app is basically for those who wants to remain updated about the activities happening online. Once the content has been saved, you don’t need an internet connection to read it later.
  • The viewing layout of this app is way too easy and user-friendly that it is free of distractions.
  • Another major feature is that its storage capacity is giant-like! Yes, one can store unlimited links with this app.
  • Text-to-Speech feature is there for the user’s convenience. Articles or any other written content can be listened with this feature.
  • Customization is there to match the user’s reading style.


This app is basically known as an online notebook for everything. As the name implies, this app is for taking the notes. These notes can be anything – image, voice note, file attachments, formatted text, webpage, handwritten notes and much more.

  • A Project to-do list can be prepared here. A reminder can also be set for each of the things mentioned in the list.
  • No need to fret about where you saved something with Evernote. This app is wherever you are. As soon as you saved anything using this app, it will be instantly available on all of your devices.
  • Finding is also not a painful thing with Evernote. The notes can be saved ages back or deep within other notes, but Evernote helps you in finding the required one, and that too quickly.
  • Saved notes can also be shared with others as well.
  • Supports a wide range of operating system platforms – Chrome OS, BlackBerry 10, Android, Windows phone, iOS, macOS, and much more.
  • High quality scanning is another big trait of this app. Whatever you captures can quickly be transformed into high-quality scans.
  • Screenshot editing can also be done using Skitch. The later is actually an editing and sharing utility.
  • This app can help you to stay organized, as you can organize bills, receipts and invoices.
  • The saved data can be synced across all the devices.


Phone addiction now-a-days is not a new thing. One can call this an addiction, habit or sort of a disease too! It’s hard to come out of it, but only before the arrival of Forest app. Most Android or iPhone users are addicted to using social media channels  like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We usually keep on scrolling the wall posts or news feeds there, without keeping a check on the time and our other important task. If these things applies on you too, then opt for Forest app.

  • Brings the sense of responsibilities in you. As soon as you try to move away from this app and hitting on Facebook or for playing a game and any such similar activity, then this app helps you in reminding that you are on the way of distraction.
  • It is a self-motivating and an amazingly interesting way to beat your phone addiction.
  • Customizing option is also there to set the rules for yourself.
  • History can be tracked in a simple way using this app.


It is a smart to-do app for the one’s having many irons in the fire. Yes, it’s for the busy people. It will help you to never to forget the milk (or anything else).

  • You can set the reminder via text, email, IM, mobile notification or via Twitter as well.
  • You can be in sync with your other devices too with the help of this app.
  • This app will help its users in staying organized. Setting the priorities, due dates, lists, tags, and similar options are also there.
  • ‘Smart Lists’ of this app is for saving your favorite searches.
  • The Unlimited sharing and unlimited storage options are also available.
  • Badges and Wingets – One can keep a track of one’s tasks, and check how many are due.
  • You can sync your tasks with Microsoft Outlook with the help of this app.
  • You can divide your tasks in subtasks as well. This helps in managing the pieces more efficiently.
  • Color the tags – This option allows you to make your lists more effective and organized.


Are you among the one who is having a habit of pushing the things (like work, chores, tasks, etc.) off? Or in a single word, are you a ‘procrastinator’, then this app is surely meant for you.

  • Start blocking whatever comes your way! This blocking is a temporary one – till the time you want it to be! If an app is not allowing you to concentrate on your work, swipe it to the left and set a duration for the time you want that particular app to remain blocked.
  • This app is helpful in creating the schedules (which are called blocks here). Each schedule holds a list of apps that are needed to be blocked.
  • Widgets are there on the home screen to start a block with a single press.
  • Tasker is there to promote the workflow as well as to start the blocks too.
  • You will be notified about the status of your active blocks along with their ending times. The notification will be displayed in the status bar. As per your preference and choice, you can turn these notifications off too.

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