Top 10 Free Fitness Apps for Men

By | July 2, 2017

A list of the best fitness apps for men, which are free on iPhone and Android. Several free fitness apps are trying their hands in the world of phone applications to reach to their right audience. There are thousands of fitness apps for men that are vying to make space in your phone. But we understand that giving your time and unnecessary space in your mobile to the waste ones is surely a worthless deal. That is why, we have brought the 10 free and best fitness apps for men that will turn you from fat to fab!

Top Fitness Apps for Men

It is not a matter of doubt that the key to high productivity and happiness is good health. But optimized health can’t simply be maintained by eating nutritious food. Workout needs to be part of our daily regime just like brushing or flossing, without it being an added luxury. Usually we have seen that women are way ahead in consciousness, when it comes to weight management and diet. However, when in comes to us men, things are not the same. Remember your last beer session? Men focusing on their fitness is a positive sign and one that results in a man being more energetic, good looking and improved mental strength.

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We all have the ultimate device in our pocket, or maybe in your hand itself at this very moment! We are talking about your endearing smartphone – whether an android phone or an iPhone. You take it with you almost everywhere, so why not to use to keep a count of the steps you walk each day? Or to keep an eye on the count of miles you run? Or to help recommend you an effective workout routine? There are Android and iPhone apps that allow you to accomplish all this and more. The introduction of sensors is making the devices even better.

Free Fitness Apps (iPhone & Android)

Here is a lit of the best fitness apps for men, that are free both on iPhone and Android platform. We have combed these apps on the basis of user feedback, their rankings and the reviews they received. Lets have a deep dive into some of these free fitness apps:

1. Map my run

Very few of us have the luxury or the deep pockets of having an running coach. A coach who measures our total workout and on the basis of his analysis, he guides us about the areas we have to put more efforts on! Map My Run gives you such an instructor. That too free of cost!

  • ‘Map My Run’ is an app that will act as your running coach, provides statistics and feedback based on our performance. To have this coach on your side, you don’t need to pay a single penny. All you have to do is to create some space for this app in your phone.
  • This app will help you in finding some great new routes to run. You have the liberty to check out the famous running spots, and along with this, you can post your own routes online under Armour fitness community.

2. Fitbit

Fitbit is among the first mainstream fitness trackers that became popular in the market. These are wearable smartwatches that come with an app. All the data that comes in from the wearable is recorded in the app. This app keeps a track of your run pace, the distance you covered, the steps you take and the time to cover all these.

  • The highlight of this app is that it allows you to record and maintain a track of your food and water consumption. Measure quality of your sleep, this is a feature that average fitness bands do not perform well.
  • It lets you set your own fitness goals, and keeps measuring the progress you have made towards these goals.
  • This way you can control your diet and keep a record of what extra and unhealthy items you are eating.

3. Runkeeper

As the name implies, Runkeeper is a running app for men and women. Runkeeper is among the most popular free running apps available. It is quite feature rich given that it is a free product. Some features of this app are.

  • This app creates a health plan for you. With this free app, one can take the benefit of an expensive GPS watch.
  • You can be a part of virtual running groups as well. This way, you’ll get the chance to interact with the people who are like you when it comes to the enthusiasm of getting fit.
  • There are certain built-in challenges as well that one is motivated to meet.
  • Also, like a trainer, this app gives you instructions through audio cues. All these will help you to be in shape for sure!

4. Fitness Buddy

This can be considered as one of the best among the men’s fitness apps. What else can be better than an app that guides with the virtual presence of the trainers! Track your fitness progress by having a feel of being in a physical fitness center, that too without paying the membership fee.

  • This app will help you in maintaining your health with over 1K videos and 4K photos and animations. Although, it does tend to get a little overwhelming sometimes with the volume of content.
  • You can have a dive into 1700 exercises and nearly 75 workout routines with this app.

5. Daily Workouts

This app is a holistic men’s fitness apps. The Daily Workouts app breaks down your body into different body parts and provides specific regimen for building up your weak areas. It allows you to create your private workout plan involving strength training as well as cardio.

  • This app contains several different apps for arm, cardio, ab, leg and glute workouts. In total, it features around 100 exercises.
  • A timer is set with each of these exercises that sets the length of the interval within which that particular exercise needs to be completed.
  • This app works in offline-mode too.

6. AllTrails

This is completely a unique app that tells you to push your limits – for those who prefer their outdoor activities to involve hiking and trekking. With this app, you can workout at extreme levels and places. Like they say, the harder you work, the more polished result you will get!

  • This app gives the information about more than 50,000 hiking trails.
  • AllTrails calculates the pace, elevation, distance and max speed along the trail.
  • It also keeps your safety in mind, thus, it ensures you’ll not get lost while hiking.

7. Moves

Moves helps its user to track how they shed their calories! By this, we mean that this app uses the phone’s Wi-fi location data, cell tower and phone’s acceleration to track your daily running, walking and cycling activities.

  • The best thing about this app is its way of representing the data. The whole calculated data comes in the form of easy-to-read timeline.
  • Also, this app keeps on saving the familiar locations(such as office location or coffee house or any such landmarks) for future references.
  • To keep track of your progress, this app displays the information with daily and weekly snapshots. So, this app works as a free alternative to a costly wearable fitness tracker.

8. StrongLifts 5×5

The app name is based on a strength training program that is having the same name. The name stands for 5 sets of 5 reps of 5 free-weight exercises. These 5 weight exercises include – squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press and barbell row. So as the name suggests, the StrongLifts 5×5 app showcases these exercises with video tutorials. Guiding you with the proper form of exercise. Definitely recommend this app for men, if you prefer body weight exercises.

  • Get weekly and monthly graph views, this app track your progress towards your fitness goal.
  • This app acts as a virtual trainer, and tell you which how to proceed with every workout. Usually one forgets to take rest while doing exercises, or might take unnecessary long gaps. You can now get guidance on the time you can take to rest in between sets.

9. Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout app

A 7-minute workout might not seem much, but if done right at the right intensity it can delivery quite good benefits to your health. There are several x-minute workout apps available in the Play store, but this one is quite promising. It can be particularly useful for men who travel a lot or usually are unable to spare a lot of time for strength training.

  • This app features a ‘Smart Workout’ feature that helps you in throttling your intensity in accordance to your ability. Also, this feature gauges your fitness level.
  • This app helps you getting through your body weight routines in as simple way as possible.
  • There are several other advanced routines available with different duration and intensity. Also, you can find a library of mini videos to guide you in a proper way.
  • You can create a personal workout routine as well. This makes this app one of the best fitness apps for men.

10. Charity Miles

This final app recommended in the list of best fitness apps for men is called Charity Miles. A great way to run and feel better inside as well as out.

  • This app displays nearly 40 charities each fighting for a cause. You can choose any of these charities and start walking, running or cycling. This will help you generate real cash for the charity you have chosen.
  • Another major highlight is that you can use this app along with other major trackers and apps. Begin your day by opening up this app and start running. Earn a good health for yourself and money for those who need it.

So you can choose any of the above mentioned fitness apps or maybe more than one app – whatever suits your lifestyle and delivery maximum impact to your fitness goals! The best part is all the apps mentioned here are totally free, so get the benefits of several fitness trainers, workout routines and wearable trackers for not cost! Burn your extra fat, not your wallet!