4 Key Tips for Maintaining a Beard

By | July 9, 2017

More and more men have adopted the style to sport a beard. It has become extremely mainstream for men to sport a beard these days. However, even with the uptake of beard in men, very few have actually learnt the art of maintaining a beard. There is also a class of men who claim to sport a “natural look” for the beard and therefore refrain from any extra maintenance apart from the shower. The problem is, even a natural look will benefit from these tips to maintain a beard.

Tips to Maintain Beard

It is quite well known why men have started sporting a beard more commonly. The biggest reason is of course, women! According to science, beard makes a man more attractive to women. So men have started doing their best to sport a beard that is better than their peers.

However, with great beard comes great responsibility, the biggest one that comes is hygiene! Sure we’ve all read how keeping a beard is good for men’s health, but they do get dirty. The hair on your beard acts a filter to a lot of pollutants, grime and dust. Additionally, when you eat and drink, there are traces left behind in the beard. For this reason, it is very important to have a good maintenance regime for your beard.

Key Tips for Maintaining a Beard

Don’t overdo it

The first tip before anything else is to not overdo it. Don’t go overboard with your beard treatment regimen. Your facial hair is as good as your scalp hair, if you treat it strongly with chemicals and other unnatural treatments then you will do damage. It could be very hard for you to achieve the natural sheen, strength and softness that comes from the beard.

Remember that gentle care in controlled measure is the key to a great beard. Keep that in mind as we proceed to the next pointers for beard care.

Shampoo regularly

I know what came to your mind was to start lathering your scalp shampoo onto your beard in your next shower. However, not really the best idea. Regular shampoo can dry out your facial skin badly, its one of the  reasons, we don’t wash body with a shampoo and prefer a body wash liquid! Dry facial skin under your beard could lead to a lot of irritation and you might end up having to shave it off completely to treat it.

Instead trawl Amazon and fetch a shampoo that is specifically made for the purpose of cleaning your beard. You will find shampoos with natural oils and moisturizers that will help clean and soften your beard hair. Alternatively, a hack you can employ is to use baby shampoo since they’re very mild and often contain moisturizing qualities. Do note that it is sufficient to shampoo your beard only twice or thrice a week.

Oil your beard

When you grow a beard it is not just for you. If you’re married, your wife and kids will come in contact with it. Alternatively, your girlfriend(s) will be touching or coming to very close contact with the beard – and I don’t mean just when you kiss or hug! So if you want to ensure that your beard is not prickly and coarse for them, it is a good idea to invest in a well-known beard oil. Not only does it keep your hair soft, but your skin will remain hydrated. The longer your beard gets, the riskier it is for your skin to get dry. It can lead to a lot of flaky skin and itching, thereby making a beard unhygienic. Use a good beard oil to be on top of your game when it comes to beard maintenance.

Stroke in the right direction

The final point is quite important guys. When it comes to beards, the shape is very essential. It has to be a shape that suits your facial structure to really get the look. After you shampoo your beard, it softens the beard and oiling the beard, makes it very easy to shape it. For this reason, if you are not careful about how you stroke, you could have a beard shape that you didn’t intend for.

Feel free to use a comb or preferably, just use fingers to shape your beard. Not only will it help you shape the beard, but you can also allow the oil to penetrate more deeply and allow for uniform dispersion of nutrients to the hair and skin below.

Follow these beard maintenance tips and see the women in your life thank you for it!