8 Fundamental Tips While Creating a Linkedin Profile

By | July 10, 2017

If you are going to create a Linkedin profile for the first time, then this article is a good way to learn some fundamental tips. Finding a job for yourself is no easy task. It involves painstaking research, networking and lot of resume drafts. A big part of networking involves having a powerful personal brand. A good Linkedin profile helps you do exactly that. This is a post to help you make an effective Linkedin profile.  You might have lots of market exposure along with talent and good skills, but if you don’t know how to sell yourself then none of your skills are of any worth. Here, by selling I mean ‘social selling’. Linkedin offers a great opportunity to market yourself in front of recruiters.

Tips for Good Linkedin Profile

When it comes to marketing yourself, then what else can be a better platform than LinkedIn! This is an employment-oriented social networking service. Gifting yourself a good LinkedIn profile is the need of the hour. So here are some best LinkedIn profile tips.

How to Make a Good LinkedIn Profile?

1) Good Profile Photo

Although LinkedIn is not a friend-making site or a dating app where putting a good profile picture is mandatory. As much as you may dislike it, appearance and presentation is subconsciously judged by humans. When recruiters perform their searches, the profiles which are in default grey avatars with no profile pictures are ignored, more often that not. So, putting a picture is surely taking you one step ahead of the game. Also, make sure that you are not unprofessional by putting some ultra glamorous or a vacation photo! All you need is a decent picture of yourself with a simple background. It need not be a picture of yours in a three-piece suit either!

2) Public Profile Url

A public profile url is the direct link through which people can land at your Linkedin profile. A lot of people often mention it on their personal website or business cards. Having a clear public profile url is one of the best tips for LinkedIn Profile. Putting up a profile url mentioning the unclear username is a big no-no!

For an instance, http://linkedin.com/pub/James-Bond436486-hsdfsct is surely not a good profile url.

Here, you can clear the extra digits. Just displaying your name is enough.

Also, the below profile url where details like your experience or designation is mentioned, is also not considered a good one.


So make sure that your URL is clear and concise.

3) Proofread your Profile

This is one of the tips to Improve LinkedIn Profile. Usually, the profiles with grammatical and spelling errors are being eradicated by the recruiters from their list at the first instance itself. This is something you surely can’t afford. The recruiters are in search for professionals. They gets very less time to visit the shortlisted profile individually. If you will put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter, and then find that profiles are lacking these basic requirements, you will surely get annoyed. So even if you are having a long list of skills and achievements, frequent spelling or grammatical error can spoil the chances for you.

4) Complete your profile

Another one that is mandatory to the list! Have you bothered to notice the heading ‘Profile Completion Tips’? Yes, this one shouldn’t be missed by your eyes. Each field stated under this is having some weightage. Recruiters, while picking up the profiles, concentrates more on the profiles that are having a 100% weightage. So, it will be fruitful if you will mention all the asked details (like skills, work experience, profile picture, current position, education, etc.) appropriately. The reason is that recruiters now-a-days, considers your LinkedIn profile as your work resume itself. So have a good hold over recruiters choice by completing the LinkedIn profile with correct and latest details.

5) Marking the Profile Headline and Summary

This is one among the most impressive and Best LinkedIn Profile Tips. Though adding profile heading and summary is an optional field in LinkedIn, still it is recommended that this field shouldn’t be left blank. Both of these will help in making an impression in front of the recruiters. Most of the times, recruiters don’t even get the time to go through your complete profile. What they see is your profile heading and summary about you. The profile headline acts as your ‘Professional Identity’ – giving your brief introduction, and the Summary would bring out the traits of your personality. The summary should complement your resume.

Profile Heading can be like:

Market Specialist at XYZ
Strategy, Consulting and Leadership

And the Summary can be like:

Diverse 8-years of experience with high ranking MNCs in creating and marketing their online presence.

Though the summary space is large enough to fit long paragraphs, yet it is suggested to fill it with important professional details lasting a couple of sentences only. Also, filling it with some bullet  points is considered as a reader-friendly and ideal way.

6) Avoid Buzzwords – Avoid Plagiarism

There are certain words that become famous at a particular time. So it is quite obvious that most people will use them. If you are also using such words, then how your profile will stand out from others? Words like analytical, patient, energetic, organizational, strategic, etc. falls under the bracket of the latest buzzwords. All these among few others are the overused buzzwords on LinkedIn, because most of the profiles are filled with such words. So if you will see from a recruiter’s perspective, one can get bored of having a glimpse of similar words in each profile. So try to show some more creativity, and adorn your profile with uniqueness. Then only your profile will stand out in the crowd of millions of profiles!

7) Don’t make your LinkedIn profile look like your Facebook page!

The young generation is quite social, or I can say socially active in cyber space. But they should learn to draw an apt line between personal and professional life. It’s for making connections – professional connections. Even if you are connecting with your friends on LinkedIn, avoid connecting with the non-professional ones. Stay away from those who may post unwanted and silly stuff on LinkedIn, which directly or indirectly can bug you and shake your focus. The same advice should be implemented on you too. Don’t post random articles and links to your wall. Be very precise and cautious as recruiters will judge you according to your activities.

8) Clearly state your experience and skills

This one is final pointer to improve your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the best place to put forth your resume without actually creating one. Here, you have enough space for each of the fields that are required for a perfect resume. So mention each one clearly. Especially when it comes to mentioning the experience and skills, fill these with precision. These are the columns taken into consideration at the first instant by the recruiters. Add all the work experiences that you have so far. Mention all the technical and other skills that fall under the umbrella of professional skills.

These are the few of the finest tips for a good LinkedIn profile. One more advice is to keep your profile active and show your enthusiasm to the recruiters through a mirror – called LinkedIn profile. Because in the end, the most active and the zealot individual manage to make space in recruiters mind and grab the great opportunities.