5 Basic Ways Busy Men Can Boost Productivity

By | June 26, 2017

Busy men are always looking at boosting productivity through technology and various tips. But miss out on some basic ways in which they can optimize productivity. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what stage of your career you’re in, there is always scope for doing more in the time you have. If you realize the same, then its time to tackle the problem head-on.

Basic ways to boost productivity

So before you invest in expensive productivity apps, reading long productivity books and applying complicated hacks. Here is a list of the most basic ways busy men can boost productivity. Feeling curious? Then read on below.

Allot yourself alone time before bed

The time before you sleep is when you should clear your mind of all the thoughts and any stress you harbor. Condition your mind to avoid thinking of the work you have next day. Instead just allow your mind to laze and meander to empty thoughts.

While meditation is one of way doing it, I feel its an advice that been over used. You could achieve the vacant mind by simply doing your dishes, having a warm glass of milk. Some even use running as an outlet for disconnecting from all stressful thoughts and work. The point is to shut off the constant thoughts that keep flooding your mind in the background. It will prepare you to begin a new day fresher and on high gear.

Start your day with exercise

If you feel that starting with a 5 kilometer jog and intense workouts in the morning will leave you burned out for the day, its quite the opposite. Beginning morning with a high-intensity activity provides you with momentum you carry throughout the day. Regulates your appetite and sleeping pattern for the whole day. All of this indirectly contributes to increasing your productivity.

Cardiovascular activity increases the blood flow to your bran, which boost focus and concentration. At the same time a more fit body will allow you to last at work longer before fatigue sets in.

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Carry a small notepad

The feature of a brain is that it generates a dozen thoughts a minute. Most of which are pushed back into the background without you realizing it, if they’re unimportant. The multiple important thought that you brain tries to hold, will utilize your concentration bandwidth. Release your brain of this pressure by noting down important things in a small notepad or on your Notes app on Smartphone.

It is also a great idea to note down significant or not so significant thoughts that you have had throughout the day. This helps you easily assimilate all ideas available more easily. It would also help you to keep a record and go back to any ideas that suddenly seem relevant to you. It is a technique that many authors often utilize because you never know when you get a brilliant thought.

Eat the frog

All productivity experts will agree on one thing, a fundamental productivity rule is to eat the frog. Eat the frog is a phrase for the ugliest, most complicated/boring task that you have to do. Research has shown that delaying the tasks you don’t like to the end can affect the time you take on regular tasks negatively as well.

Also conversely, if there is a task you have which won’t take you more than 2-minutes to accomplish then do it immediately. This helps free your mind from the nagging feeling that you still have a lot of pending work, allowing to focus at the task at hand better.

Listen to video game music

Video game music is an under-utilized productivity method. As a guy, if you play a lot of video games you know that the video game music is meant to increase your concentration to the game. So as a busy man trying to get basics of productivity right, try to listen to video game music when you are working on your computer, getting ready for work or doing dreary household chores.

It is quite possible you can find video game music that you would enjoy listening to it. All you have to do it head to Youtube and listen to a few compilations before you find the one that suits your taste.